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Art in the Face of War

Photography by Israel Guibbory

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Gallery Exhibit: Art in the Face of War World War II
through the eyes of 8 Artists who were there.
May 24 - June 16, 2007
Audience Award Winner-
Best Documentary 2006 CT Film Festival.
Art in the Face of War - Show announcement

How to make a holiday

Hot food was scarce

Reunion with brother

Victor Dowd portrait

Burmese young man

Dogfight illustration

Letter home

Soldier holding Nazi flag

Pearl Harbor illustration

French resistance

Soldier writing

V. Dowd - Portrait of a woman

K-Ration box

Burmese unit

Letter home

V. Dowd - Refugee Boy

Seated Soldier

Sleeping Soldier

Dropping bombs

French unit

Military photographer

Troop transports

Tracy Sugarman portrait

Portrait of a black man

Inpecting a building

Choppy waters

Victor Dowd
Syd Greenberg
Doug Leigh
Howard Munce
Clark Robinson
Arthur Shilstone
Tracy Sugarman
Ed Vebell

Art in the Face of War - DVD announcement
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