Walking With The Wild Woman Archetype

Walking With The Wild Woman Archetype

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City Lights is committed to presenting the broad spectrum of visual expression through exhibits like “Walking With The Wild Woman Archetype” when we can present artists of diverse backgrounds, trainings, experiences, motivations and disciplines all in the same exhibit. The commonality of this exhibit is to celebrate the authentic female nature/persona of nurturer, warrior, sorcerer, the feminine ability to create something from nothing or nearly nothing), the caregiver, life sustainer, the burden bearer, the homemaker and protectress. The inspiration of the exhibit and the title comes from a book that explores the power women have and can acquire by reclaiming her authentic self which accepts the dualistic nature of the ability to be good/bad, hard/soft, beautiful/ugly, whimsical/practical and tapping into the metaphysical power that supports us, and find the community that enables us to thrive.

From Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes,  Jungian analyst and the author and “Women Who Run With The Wolves”

“The wild woman archetype is about claiming and reclaiming power, authenticity, voice, and action in daily life. The wild woman uses intuition and inner knowing as guides throughout the cycles of life.”

Exhibitng artists: Doreen Breen, Susan Clinard, Nicloe Cyr, Marissa Ferrao, Kateleen Foy, Caitlin Iannucci, Robin Jopp Suzanne Kachmar, Abbe Miller, PJ McCreanor, Yolanda Vasquez Petrocelli, Jean Sanchez, Amanda Walker.

Welcome to our first online exhibit, using photography, video and text. Click here for an intro. 

SUSAN CLINARD Hear more about Susan, click here.    https://youtu.be/fd0rPE_G8Ew
YOLANDA VASQUEZ PETROCELLI     Click here, Yolanda talks about her work  https://youtu.be/a97ROHMOWiA

ABBE MILLER, listen to her talk about the Duende process, click here.

PJ MCCREANOR Talks about her work, click here. https://youtu.be/NHAAKQcbgkYROBIN JOPP  talks about her work, click here.    https://youtu.be/fmVk7beWMr8

AMANDA WALKER Click here to hear more about Amanda.   https://youtu.be/9FRPOyp5wV4


SUZANNE KACHMAR talks about her work, click here    https://youtu.be/ublVkJxRACY

JANE DAVILA Hear more about Jane and “honmeybees.”   https://youtu.be/9FRPOyp5wV4

JEAN SANCHEZ, click here to listen Jean talk about her art.

KATELEEN FOY   talks about her work, click here.     https://youtu.be/0js7JntGEjo