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IS by Hanah Block

“IS” photography by Hannah Block

Hannah Block and Isabelle Sanchez, both part of Amity Regional High School’s graduating class of 2011. Hannah began focusing on her photography in her late sophomore year. Since then, her art is mainly photography but she is beginning to explore a myriad of new media. Hannah will be attending the Maryland Institute College of Art. Isabelle began concentrating on drawing and painting in her sophomore year. Currently, Isabelle works in a multitude of media, from found object sculpture to altered books. Isabelle will be attending Rhode Island School of Design. Throughout both our high school careers, we have each exhibited widely and won a variety of prestigious awards. We hope to exhibit our work further, and contribute our voices to the contemporary art world.

BULMIA by Isabelle Sanchez

“BULIMIA” Altered book cover by Isabelle Sanchez

We want to give a voice to eating disorders. We believe this is a ubiquitous and current issue, and often misrepresented. Each of us draws from our personal experiences to open a dialogue with the viewer.

Hannah puts her emphasis on infusing her pieces with an ambiguous, abstract quality. My goal is to lead the viewer to draw from their own experiences and interpret my art in a way pertinent to their lives. I use the female figure as the subject matter to depict emotions deeper than what lies on the surface.

RYAN by Hannah Block     Photography by Hannah Block

Isabelle is specifically interested in bulimia. Through my art, I want to destroy the notion that bulimia revolves around purging. Instead, I want to illustrate the self-hate, loneliness, secrets, confusion, and distortion, which truly define bulimia. I hope my art shows that the viewer can relate with the emotions that motivate bulimia .
SECRETS by Isabelle Sanchez   KEEPING SECRETS by Isabelle Sanchez