Pandemic Art, about the exhibit

Pandemic Art, about the exhibit



From works that dominate an entire wall to small journal drawings, this exhibit is like one of those overcrowded house parties that we all miss. The walls are jammed with art, screaming, let us out!  See online exhibt.

19 artists, present work made during the year of physical distancing, or art related to this theme. Artists include Carlos Bautista Biernnay, Janine Brown, Frank Bruckmann, Claude Desir Jr, Steve Gerber, Dalton Ghetti, Eliska Greenspoon, Luis Lopez, Suzanne Kachmar, Martha Willette Lewis, Iyaba Ibo Mandingo, Dan Makara, Janice Mauro, Eliana Mesa, Brec Morgan, Michael Quirk, Margaret Roleke, Scott Schuldt, Rita Valley, Yolanda Vasquez Petrocelli. This eclectic exhibit includes fiber art, photography, assemblage, sculpture, painting and drawing.

This exhibit is a manifestation of the way creatives used their time and coped with the Pandemic shutdown, contending with uncertainties of wellbeing, loss of income, racial and political polarization and protests. The art is a record of how these conditions affected the artists, their family, friends and colleagues.

We are all looking forward to warm weather and the opportunity to return to some level of normal, while recovering and living with Covid19 and the virus variants. Part of the process to move forward is to acknowledge what we have endured, how we coped, what we learned, what was lost and what was found. The exhibit expresses a combination of hardship, frustration, resilience and reinvention.