A-“A” The Asylum by Rosie Rojas, Texas, from Migrant’s Alphabet. Works are 12″x12″


Migrant’s Alphabet project, created and curated by Jane Davila.

Inspired by a book from 1846 (The Anti-Slavery Alphabet), leading mixed media artists and activists from all over the US started a project, called the Migrant’s Alphabet, to bring awareness, education, and conversation to the current crisis of immigration in the United States and around the world. The Migrant’s Alphabet exhibit of 26 mixed media artworks will debut at City Lights Gallery in Bridgeport CT, opening October 4, and then travel to a variety of venues across the nation.
A book is being published of all of the art and the accompanying poetry. All proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to organizations defending and working to better immigrant communities. The Migrant Alphabet website is under construction and will serve as a resource for education, links to donate funds, the art on view with statements and links to the individual artists, and information about the exhibits and events

See the pechakucha presentation here! 

A is the Asylum by Rosie Rojas, Texas
F is the Freedom by LaLa Ortiz, California
H is the Human rights by Hamid Ebrahimifar, Arkansas
O is the Organized Crime by Scott Schuldt, New Haven CT
 K is for kindness by Natalya Aikens