Liz Squillace

Liz Squillace


My two favorite and most used mediums are screen printing and painting. I find that these two mediums give me the greatest versatility when attempting to solve a visual puzzle. Screen printing is ideal for creating multiples, like t-shirts or prints on paper, and it’s exciting to see what I can create with the negative/positive space of one color on a backdrop. Multiple colors, fades, layering and printing on different materials like fabric are also things that I enjoy and are constantly experimenting with.

Some situations can be solved easier with paint. For public art, painting gives me greater flexibility. I like to employ illusion techniques, and always some quirky trick of the eye – I don’t want people to just look once, I want them to look, and then look again. I enjoy bringing art to the public, whether it’s in the form of a mural, a painted traffic box, a t-shirt, or a live screen printing demonstration at an arts festival. I also enjoy working with clients to actualize their design ideas. This is key to my business at Paradox Ink, working together to bring people’s vision to fruition.


Michelle O tees
T-Shirts, screen printed specify size and color (S, M, L, XL), $25


Bpt 3D
BPT 3D, Acrylic on Wood, 8 ft x 8 ft, best viewed with 3D glasses, $2000
 BPT 3D requires special shipping arrangements due to its size.