This exhibit explores the principle of Harmony presented by artists who work in diverse materials, featuring: Diana Chamberlain, William Cody, Cris Dam,


Herm Freeman, Crystal Heiden, Inna Linov, Iyaba Ibo Mandingo, Chris Perry, co-curated by Jane Davila and Suzanne Kachmar.

Harmony: Rhythm, repetition, proximity; combining similar and related forms, motifs, objects and visual elements.

Opening Reception with a short artists’ talk, Thursday, May 30, 5:30-9pm, Artists’ Talk begins 7:30pm.

Saturday Artists Talk on Harmony, Saturday June 15, 7-9pm.
Get an in depth perspective from the artists, listen, learn discuss with fellow attendees.

The viewer is invited to find the simple elements that have been composed into complex compositions.
Also notice how the artists have found unconventional ways to work with these diverse materials.

The intention of the exhibit is to encourage attendees appreciate the delicate beauty and complexity of the harmony
and to consider the potential of mundane objects and simple elements,
realizing how the creative mind can repurpose and re-invent.

View the process of Chris Perry, deconstructing and constructing.

Chris Perry   174, 159, 138

Inna Linov  In-S Project (In Stone)

Cris Dam