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City Under Lights
January 19 - February 19
Artist's reception:
Friday, January 21, 5:30 - 8:00 PM

A unique view of Bridgeport
and Long Island Sound

Photos by Morgan Kaolian

City Lights will start off the new year with this exciting new solo exhibit by Morgan Kaolian, pilot and photographer,

This exhibit is sponsored by the Bridgeport Holiday Inn, Milford Photo and the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism.

Accidental Mayor"City Under Lights,"is the first solo exhibit at City Lights, with another planned in June with Bob Greggson. This will be a refreshing change, to offer solo exhibits. We are pleased to be so lucky to have gotten another opportunity to celebrate the art, culture and heritage of Bridgeport through this exhibit and a special event we are calling "City in Flight," The exhibit will consist of over 30 aerial evening photos of Bridegeport and Long Island Sound, taken with a newly developed Nikon lens that enables Kaolian to take evening shots while flying his plane! For more details on this lens, please contact Jim Wilson at , (203)882-3415.

As evidenced in his drawings and designs of birds, and flying machines with wings and propellars, the alllure of flight, its beauty, freedom and technology was one preoccupation of artist and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci, Over 400 years passed before his dream of man in flight was realized. On Friday 2/4, "City in Flight" a series of short films, and presentations will demonstrate how Leonardo's dream became a reality in Bridgeport/Stratford area. through the work and inventions of Gusatve Whitehead and Igor Sikorsky. Andy Kosch, an expert on the legacy of Gustave Whitehead will argue that Whiteheads plane flew before the Kitty Hawk. Kosch is currently rebuilding a full-size replica of the Whitehead plane at the CT Air and Space Center. He will share his knowledge along with a short documentary and have a 4' model of this flying machine on view.

Da Vinci Glider

The evening of food, film and flight will also screen a brief interview of the inventor of the helicopter and namesake of Bridgeport's Sikorsky Airport and historical footage of Igor Sikorsky test flying his inventions, as he was both the inventor and the test pilot. This special evening is designed to augment the one man show of aerial photographs of Bridgeport's own Morgan Kaolian, once a local household name through his airborne broadcasts from "Flight 600" for WICC radio. Trained at the Whitney School of Art, now known as Paier College of Art, Kaolian has found a way to combine his 2 passions: flying and photography.

From the Executive Director, Suzanne Kachmar

Recently I was on a long trip which required several plane rides, As I ascended and descended, I saw the world from different heights. There is something toylike or model-like about the view from the air. All the irregularities and details are not truly visible to the human eye. The lines from this height are clean, the largest forms and brightest lights the composition and create a contrast in the night sky. Seeing views from this perspective gives the viewer a sense of freedom and objectivity. It manifests how areas, buildings, roads, waterways are laid out and well, how they look from the top down. Viewers will have an opportunity to study iconic Bridgeport locations, and architecture from this point of view rather than from a fleeting moment as in a plane ride where the image swiftly passes out of our range of vision.

About Morgan Kaolian

Morgan is a ball of fire and living Bridgeport persona. and someone local that young people making a career in the arts should know about. Morgan has found a way to take 2 passions, flying and photography and revel in them. He is full of enthusiasm and energy and a pleasure to work with, I hope young artists and photographers come to the artist's reception to meet him, Anyone in my age group from the Bridgeport area, remembers Morgan giving the traffic reports from FLIGHT 600 on WICC. Morgan has been flying since he was 16 years old. His aerial photography and creative design has been seen on TV, and in printed media. Highlights of his successful art and marketing career include art director for WICC TV, and his creation of "GYRO" a robot fabrication Kaolian used for TV commercials and fundraising projects. Morgan is the proprietor of AEROPIX, featuring aerial photography and private plane rides.


City In Flight, Friday February 4, 6 - 9 PM. (In the event of bad weather, City In Flight will be held Monday, February 6, 2:30 - 5:00 PM.)
A special presentation taking place during the City Under Lights exhibt of aerial evening phtographs by Morgan Kaolain.
At City Lights, Downtown Bridgeport, 37 Markle Court, Bpt. CT. 203-334-7748.

The allure of flight has inspired artists and inventors for centuries, including Leonardo da Vinci... his dreams came true in Bridgeport and Stratford, CT.

Win a FREE PLANE RIDE! Prize claimed. Congratulations to the winner!

Morgan Kaolian, who has over 3000 hours of flight time, has generously offered a special door prize for all those who attend the "City In Flight" evening on 2/4, One attendee will win a free one hour plane ride with Kaolian, for up to 3 passengers. A $10 suggested donation for "City in Flight," a mini-fundraiser for City Lights, a nonprofit community based arts organization includes presentation, screening and chili buffet. For more info about the exhibit or to reserve for your place for "City in Flight" on Fri. February 4.

Sikorsky Helicopter
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