Beware of the Year 7000

Beware of the Year 7000

Beware of the Year 7000



Exhibit opened September 25th, 2014 at City Lights Gallery.

As we consciously experience a monumental shift in our planet’s evolution due to climate change, City Lights Gallery presented Beware of the Year 7000, where installation artists Janice Mauro and Joanne Pagano Weber ask the question, if corporations are people, too, what if they lose their humanity?

It’s the second melting of the polar icecap. The power of the few dictate the blueprint of a resurgent planet depleted once again. All resources are up for grabs as the human race divides along biological / robotic fault lines. While multitudes transition becoming semi-human mechanisms under the control of an artificial brain, two artists continue their work in hiding, corresponding by the only thing they have left – their creativity.

Art lovers, thinkers, prophets, or gamers, look no further.

A sister show was on exhibit at Trailer Box Gallery, 15 Great Pasture Road, Danbury, CT.

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