ART/BPT/2014: Barnum Redux

ART/BPT/2014: Barnum Redux

ART/BPT/2014: Barnum Redux

Through 2/13/14 at City Lights Gallery


Slide Show: Behind Barnum by Michelle Beaulieu; Image of Bridgeport by Larry Silver; Image of Bridgeport by Larry Silver; Bridge Over the Pequonnock by Tom Brenner; Larry Silver by Tom Mezzanotte; James Reed by Tom Mezzanotte; Merge by Tom Brenner; No Entry by Tom Brenner; Park City Supply by Tom Brenner; Civil Memory by Michelle Beaulieu

Our annual Bridgeport exhibit was designed this year to include established, successful artists, emerging artists, students and the novice. There was a range of skill and experience. The viewers made choices about what they liked and didn’t like, from raw to refined work. To get a true range of expressions about Bridgeport, and to start off the year actualizing our commitment to community and inclusion, we invited artists of all levels of experience to participate. The opportunity for new artists to be recognized in an exhibit with established artists often makes a lifelong impact.

The opening reception was held on Thursday January 16, 5:30-8:30 p.m.  Artists featured in the annual Bridgeport themed exhibit include: Tom Brenner, Michelle Beaulieu, Aaron Brenner, Angela Capinera, Allan Dudek, Mary Dwyer, Christy Gallagher, Steve Gerber, Arthur Gerstein, Mia Liptak, Julia Liptak, Sooo-z Mastropietro, Tom Mezzanotte, Michael Quirk, Larry Silver, Yolanda Vasquez Petrocelli, Lydia Viscardi, Francesca Winfield and students from Housatonic Community College, Bassick and Central High Schools.

As a new year begins, the general practice is to review the past, plan the future and then dive in to the new year… Some time to reflect and plan is customary. The Bridgeport themed exhibit is strategically scheduled for this time of year, encouraging artists and viewers to consider Bridgeport: the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly; to celebrate successes; to remember the heritage, and focus on areas of improvement.

City Lights starts off every year with ART/BPT/2014, the annual Bridgeport themed exhibit. Every year we find a variation to the general concept. In 2014, it was ART/BPT/2014: BARNUM REDUX.  Perhaps the Bridgeport Icon of P.T. Barnum is an overworked theme. Artists are challenged to stretch and flex their creativity, make a statement, express a vision, propose a concept using Barnum imagery or other iconic Bridgeport imagery as metaphor and inspiration….Artists need not be from Bridgeport to participate.

Suzanne Kachmar (Gallery Director) “I am always happily surprised with what artists submit and the work I can find. Although the subtheme is BARNUM REDUX… any iconic interpretation was possible for submission”.