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Many of our gallery items are for sale…here is a sampling of some of the artisans’ work, including potters, glass work, textiles, woods.  If you are interested in an item, but wish for a different color, or style, send us an email, or call us.  We will contact the artisan for you.  As you can see here, some of the items listed are gallery owned (coffee mugs, t-shirts).


gallery 037crop

Brown-blue Glazed Mug with handle






gallery 033crop

Blue-brown Glazed mug with “feet”







gallery 040crop

Brown Vase









gallery 039crop

Garlic Roaster, green and brown







gallery 038crop

Garlic Roaster, Closed, Green and Beige Glaze








gallery 041good one

Peace Street T-Shirt; Lg and Sm only





gallery 045crop

Coffee Mug #1








gallery 044 (640x480)

Coffee Mug #1







gallery 042crop

Coffee Mug #2

gallery 043crop

Coffee Mug #2
















gallery 004crop (146x640) - Copy

Pink Depression Glass Shaker with Pink Depression Glass “Jingles”










gallery 015crop

Green Depression Glass piece with Green Depression Glass “Jingles”; 13″ long








gallery 008crop

Amber Depression Glass plate with Amber Depression Glass “Jingles”; 15# long










Cordial Glass with “Jingles”; 10″ long









gallery 016crop

Dessert Dish – Depression Glass, with Depression Glass “Jingles”; 11″










gallery 032 (640x480)

Pink Brown with Flower Pattern; One Size

gallery 031crop

Close up of Pink Brown with Flower Pattern

gallery 030 (423x640)

Blue Marble with Fringe; one size















gallery 027crop

Pen, Multi-Colors, hand made

gallery 022crop

Perfume Pen, hand made, Yellow

gallery 024crop

Pen, Yellow with Black design

gallery 025crop

Pen, Wood Pattern, hand made

gallery 026crop

Pen, multi-color, hand made















gallery 020 (640x480)

Hand Carved Top for Wicker Bali Bag (Frog) #1

gallery 019 (640x480)

Wicker Bali Bag, Carved Frog Top (9″x 5.5″ x 4″)

gallery 018 (640x480)

Carved Wooden Flower Top, Wicker Bali Bag #2

gallery 017 (640x480)

Wicker Bali Bag, Carved Wooden Flower Top (9″ x 5.5″ x 4″)



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