2020 Vision, Looking Back, 10 yrs Greater Bridgeport Pride



Check out the 10 year PRIDE Retrospective online.

2019 BPT Pride– from Lucy Gellman, New Haven Arts Paper 
“The skies opened up and the flash mob got canceled. The march turned into an umbrella-clad stroll. The dressing room flooded. Drag queens worried about melty, smudged makeup, and braved puddles in very high heels. But the show went on. There was never a question that it would.”

Don’t Rain On My Parade   Barbra Jean Streetsand
Tiana Maxim Rose
This year, the conviction was reinforced as we hit our 10th annual event and were recognized for this work with Dorothy Awards from the New Haven Pride Center.
Covid19 changed our plans, we had collaborated with the Barnum Festival on programs and set to have a float in the Barnum Festival Great Street Parade on June 21. That’s on hold until 2021. The 10th Greater Bridgeport Pride, a Celebration of Community and art opened July 16, 2020. 
10 yr review of Pride
Interview with artist carlos Bautista Biernay
Ricky Mestre talks about the exhibit and his art.
Daniel Eugene
Jon Joseph, Poem
Ricky Mestre
Richard Taddei
Darron Copeland
Thomas Evans