COVID19, The message is “We Will Make It!”

COVID19, The message is “We Will Make It!”

As we cope with COVID 19, City Lights sends a positive message as it marks 16th anniversary. 

“WE WILL MAKE IT”! is the message in a piece of art by Dan Makara. The reassuring words are a neon beacon shining from the window of City Lights gallery in downtown Bridgeport at 265 Golden Hill St. The words of encouragement are part of a construction that melds retro science Fiction B movie aesthetic with the jarring reality of the COVID19 nightmare we are now living. A lenticular image of a healthcare worker in a hazmat suit walks through a twilight zone vortex of vibrating colors. Vintage 50’s faces of women applaud the effort. Viewers of a certain age may remember the lenticular images that came as prizes inside every box of Cracker Jack. 

Makara’s work frequently expresses irony, and dark humor, which may be just what we need to repel us forward. It is a bizzarro time we are living, harkening back to the days of duck and cover-nuclear bomb safety training, as the public then and now relies on the government to provide the proper information about precautions and protocol. The ‘We” in this statement is critical, we are all required to pull together to be responsible for our actions, be proactive and to remain positive and kind, to others and ourselves.

This is just one example of how artists are using their work offer comfort and support during a difficult time. City Lights is grateful to Dan Makara for sharing his art and his vision once again with Bridgeport. In 1982 Makara and a small group of artists and musicians started Bridgeport’s first City Lights coffee house on Fairfield Ave in the downtown. This was pre-coffeeshop chains. The gathering place was prompted by the need of an arts social venue for the artists and patrons of The Elm St artists at 170 Elm St.

Along with Makara’s art, “We Will Make It”, here are some images from Bridgeport art scene in the 1980’s. We are looking back because April marks the 16th anniversary of City Lights. The City Lights crew is working on its online anniversary exhibit, “Only Sixteen.” Coming soon! Check out the online exhibit on the City Lights website,

Stay safe, be prudent, and kind to others and yourself. Stay in touch with us on the Bridgeport Art Trail Facebook page where we post frequently.


 Abstract July by Michelle Beaulieu






The Celebration



We recently celebrated 10 years of City Lights Gallery
at 37 Markle Court Downtown Bridgeport, CT.  10 Year exhibit on view until June 6th.  View art from exhibits and programs from the last 10 years…included in this exhibit are donated 10″ x 10″ art by City Lights artists, all priced at $150.
10 years of exciting art exhibits, fabulous receptions, stimulating talks and demonstrations, music, dance, poetry, dramatic performances, public events, classes and outreach programs, as well as the Classic Car Show and the Bridgeport Art Trail.

Thanks to all who came together and worked to insure another


10 years of City Lights!

We enjoyed food, drink, and a multi-media 10 year retrospective highlighting City Lights exhibits, programs, and accomplishments.

There is still time to donate for our 10 year celebration:

10 Year Sponsor $5000

10 Year Sponsor    $2500

10 Year Sponsor    $1000

10 Year Sponsor   $500

City Lights is a 501(c)3 organization.

Thanks to all who donated art, and for your financial support!

Suzanne Kachmar, Executive Director

Steve Gerber, Gallery Manager