City Lights & Company is a community based, nonprofit arts organization that serves the community through art. This takes on many forms,  public art projects, outreach programs for youth and adults and facilitating a downtown arts venue hosting free exhibits, workshops and programs such as: spoken word, music, film reflecting the current zeitgeist and rich culture of the greater Bridgeport community featuring local artists along with artists and artisans from around the world. 

LISTEN, Suzanne Kachmar E.D. Talks about City Lights on,  WPKN Radio


Check out – http://bridgeport-art-trail.org/

Artists Teach exhibit opens on Friday 11/8/19 for
the Bridgeport Art Trail, Downtown Arts Crawl


Watch: Atty Courtney George, City Lights board member, arts patron talk about the impact of the Bridgeport Art Trail.

Listen to an in-depth discussion on WPKN radio with artists discussing the Bridgeport Art Trail schedule.



Neo-LATINISIMO, A Biennial exhibit curated by Yolanda Vasquez Petrocelli, she descirbes it as, ” an exhibit beyond geographies, color and identities”, featuring Latin American artists living in USA.

Santa Barrazza, Carlos Bautista Biernnay, Ann Chamberlain, Adiel Dominguez, Ivan Gaete, Sergio Garcia, Gabriela Galarza-Block, Carlos Chavez Hernandez, Julia Justo, Maria Lino, Davis Lisboa, Luis Lopez, Miguel Angel Melchor, Aisha Nailah Perez, Yolanda Petrocelli, Maritza Quintuna, Valerie Rhodes, Ana Ruiz-Castillo, Liliana Wilson


BRIDGEPORT PRIDE:  An Artful Celebration
Read about Bpt PRIDE braving the rain on opening night!

Thanks to Bridgeport Pride sponsors

Triangle Community Center, John Brannelly and Dave Ivanko, 
Tito’s Vodka, Trevi Lounge, Circle care Center, Holiday Inn Bridgeport
Read/Click here: “SAMESEX exhibit stuns.”


Click here  to read about the benefit concert produced and sponsored by Band Central. 

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Bridgeport youth!
Check out our outreach programs!

Bridgeport PRIDE, An Artful Celebration
Features SAMESEX Exhibit
July 18 to August 30, 2019
“SAMESEX bares all without ever seeming overwrought. Its greatest strength may be its role as a group show, where voices emerge in a jumble, and get behind a narrative of acceptance and visibility. Each offers something slightly different: a reframed viewpoint, a personal anecdote put to paper or canvas, a vignette or five that dive into love, sex, joy, and beauty. As they whisper and chatter with each other and with viewers from the walls, City Lights seems to speak with a united voice too.  Welcome, the gallery says from every single vantage point. We’re so glad you’re here. Come exactly as you are.”  New Haven Arts Paper  

SAMESEX Exhibit:
Artists: Christopher Augerson, Mario Baez, Patrice Barrett, Marieta Capobianco, Benjamin Casiano, Darron Copeland, Kevin Cox, Erica Czerwinski, Coco Garner, Andrew Graham, Delayne Gratopp, Kate Henderson, Don Houston, Susan Stinson-Hurwitz, Maxwell Kale, Niki Key, Mia Lipstick, Luis Lopez, Barbara Loss, Samuel McPherson, Ricky Mestre, Nancy Moore, Dale Parson, Adrian Pulido, Jon Puozzoli, Barbara Ringer, Ellen Schindermann, Susan Tabachnick, Richard Taddei, Amanda Walker

SameSex Exhibit explores LGBT themes, same-sex attraction, related feelings and issues of 2019. Artists need not be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender to participate.

Thank you to sponsors:
Triangle Community Center,
Tito’s Vodka, Trevi Lounge, Circle Care Center, 
John Brannelly and Dave Ivanko, Holiday Inn Bridgeport



2018 PRIDE WALK stepping off from Broad St steps, front left Mayor Ganim, front right John Brannelly.


Victor Trevino from Ballet Eloelle, Bpt PRIDE Variety Show


Past Exhibits:

This exhibit explores the principle of Harmony presented by artists who work in diverse materials, featuring: Diana Chamberlain, William Cody, Cris Dam,


Herm Freeman, Crystal Heiden, Inna Linov, Iyaba Ibo Mandingo, Chris Perry, co-curated by Jane Davila and Suzanne Kachmar.

Harmony: Rhythm, repetition, proximity; combining similar and related forms, motifs, objects and visual elements.

Opening Reception with a short artists’ talk, Thursday, May 30, 5:30-9pm, Artists’ Talk begins 7:30pm.

Saturday Artists Talk on Harmony, Saturday June 15, 7-9pm.
Get an in depth perspective from the artists, listen, learn discuss with fellow attendees.

The viewer is invited to find the simple elements that have been composed into complex compositions.
Also notice how the artists have found unconventional ways to work with these diverse materials.

The intention of the exhibit is to encourage attendees appreciate the delicate beauty and complexity of the harmony
and to consider the potential of mundane objects and simple elements,
realizing how the creative mind can repurpose and re-invent.

View the process of Chris Perry, deconstructing and constructing.

Click here for info and tickets.

The Re-Education of Smedley Butler and Other Stories, The Art of Scott Schuldt

from the Greater New Haven Arts Council,
the art of Scott Schuldt, now on view at City Lights until May 18, 2019,
“The Re-education of Smedley Butler”

 The Re-Education of Smedley Butler, bead embroidery by Scott Schuldt


Listen to Scott Schuldt, talk about his art on WPKN radio.


Intelligent Design, beaded embroidery by Scott Schuldt


Click here for info.




“FORGOTTEN PANORAMAS”, features the photography by Ned Gerard. City Lights hosts a second, one person exhibit of photography encouraging viewers to consider fine art photography in relationship to the ubiquitous cell phone shots and advertising. Viewers can follow Ned and experience the beauty, calm and restorative solitude he finds through the perspective of his camera lens while kayaking and trekking to capture forgotten panoramas. Ned is a longtime CT Post photographer, presenting a body of work that the photographer began years ago and has now returned to for his first one person exhibit.



                      Bead Embroidery by Scott Schuldt





A-“A” The Asylum by Rosie Rojas, Texas, from Migrant’s Alphabet. Works are 12″x12″


Migrant’s Alphabet project, created and curated by Jane Davila.

Inspired by a book from 1846 (The Anti-Slavery Alphabet), leading mixed media artists and activists from all over the US started a project, called the Migrant’s Alphabet, to bring awareness, education, and conversation to the current crisis of immigration in the United States and around the world. The Migrant’s Alphabet exhibit of 26 mixed media artworks will debut at City Lights Gallery in Bridgeport CT, opening October 4, and then travel to a variety of venues across the nation.
A book is being published of all of the art and the accompanying poetry. All proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to organizations defending and working to better immigrant communities. The Migrant Alphabet website is under construction and will serve as a resource for education, links to donate funds, the art on view with statements and links to the individual artists, and information about the exhibits and events
DRAWN TO COLOR,  9/6-9/22

 Artists’ Reception: Thursday, 9/6/16, 5:30-8:30pm.

Bridgeport Pride, 8th Annual SameSex Exhibit

Bridgeport Pride Celebration, 2018

Bridgeport Pride celebration begins with art exhibit reception at City Lights Gallery, followed by a Pride Walk to McLevy Green and then a Variety Show at the Bijou Theatre CT.

Triangle Community Center, Dave Ivanko and John Brannelly


5:30-8 pm
SameSex Exhibit Art Reception Admission: $10 
Includes light fare, drink, and D.J. under the tent on the patio,

8 pm Pride Walk to McLevy Green, FREE Admission 
We step off at 8 pm from the Broad St. Steps. FREE.

8:45-10:30pm Doors open at the Bijou Theatre at 8:30pm, Admission: $25
grab a cocktail and enjoy the Variety Show fundraiser.

$30 Combo for the Art Party & Variety Show. Purchase your ticket.
Proceeds support City Lights & WPKN Radio.

City Lights & Company is nonprofit organization that serves the community through art and lead organization of the Bridgeport Art Trail and Make Music Day- Bpt.

WPKN radio, 89.5 fm is a community-based, listener supported radio station. Studios are on the campus of the University of Bridgeport, CT.

                                         Breaking Silence by Allison Margo
8th Annual SAMESEX Art Exhibit:
The first Gay Art exhibit presented in CT now in its eighth year, annually reflects the current zeitgeist of the LGBTQ community, their friends, family, neighbors and allies. Artists need not be gay to participate.

Exhibiting Artists: Mario Baez, Nate Bass, Marieta Capobianco, Darron Copeland, Erica Czerwinski, Daniel Eugene, Andrew Graham, Eliska Greenspoon, Don Houston, Maxwell Kale, Alison Margo, Marla Mcleod, Cassandra Mendoza, Ricky Mestre, Thomas Mythos, Jon Puozzoli, Aly Maderson Quinlog, Colleen Reilly Rees, Barbara Ringer, Ellen Schinderman, Shilarts, Richard Taddei, Francesca Winfield

Artists’ Reception May 31, Thursday.5:30-8:30 pm.
Exhibiting Artists: Will Corprew, Dustin DeMilio, Allan Dudek, Miguel Mendoza, Lisie Orjuela, Billy Russomano, Charlie Walsh, Joan Wheeler. 

“ART That Makes The HeART Sing,” May 23-July 7, 2018

ART That Makes The HeART Sing, May 23-July 7. 2018

City Lights & Company produces the Bridgeport Art Trail and Make Music Day- Bpt.

Bridgeport joins the global community to celebrate music, world-wide, 


Make Music Day-Bpt,
an affiliation of Make Music CT


Learn more about Make Music Day

Click here to make a contribution. 


ART TO-GO, Bridgeport Art Trail Features Dustin DeMilio on -I95 Billboard for May 2018.

CALL FOR ART: Annual Bridgeport Pride event


The artist Denyse Schmidt casts a shadow on her quilt in her studio in American Fabrics.

Exhibit runs March 22-May 11, 2018.
2018 marks the 10th year of the Bridgeport Art Trail. City Lights recognizes 10 women artists and women run organizations, whose commitment, time and talent are integral assets that ensures the production of a successful annual city-wide arts celebration. This exhibit is the official kick-off the countdown towards the 10th annual Bridgeport Art Trail November scheduled 8-11, 2018.
Gallery Hours Weds-Fri 11:30-5, Sat 12-4, Thurs open until 7 pm

Thank you to the exhibiting artists including: Alicia Cobb, Jane Davila, Robin Jopp, Crystal Heiden, Liz Helling, Marcella Kovac, Shanna Melton, Susan Murray, Denyse Schmidt, Liz Squillace, Yolanda Vasquez-Petrocelli 


Featuring the art and design of Will Corprew

The art and design of Will Corprew

 Also featured in Art Moves : Upcycled jewelry by Robin Jopp of Made in  Bridgeport, Steampunk lamps by Jason Aleska and vintage furniture and clothing  from Naomi Berman.  

Bridgeport students visit City Lights and talk with artist Will Corprew of ART MOVES, also on view the upcycled art of Tom Aleska, Robin Jopp and vintage clothing and furniture from the collection of Naomi Berman.
Upcycled lamps by Jason Aleska

ALSO visit City Lights Vintage, antiques and collectibles
our second location at 265 Golden Hill St. 
open Thursday 12-7pm, Fri & Sat 12-5pm or by appointment.
Read more about City Lights Vintage

For more

(203) 334-7748, clgallerybpt@gmail.com 

City Light  serving the community
through art for 13 years! 

Donations are tax deductible. Thank you!      
See how your contribution benefits the community

ART MOVES opens January 15 at City Lights
Gallery and City Lights Vintage Pop-Up.

ART MOVES at City Lights Gallery and City Lights Vintage Pop-Up


BOOBs on view, 10/26-12/12/17
Opening Reception, Thursday, October 26, 2017.


kHyal™ A/K/A MEGAGLAM: “Apparel as art” is how the artist, writer, designer, marketing executive and entrepreneur describes her “MegaGlam Breast Augmentation Trench” which debuted at the 2016 edition of Art Basel Miami.

A provocative exhibit depicts personal stories of breast cancer patients, their caregivers and healthcare providers along with statements about the socio-economic conditions regarding treatment, healthcare, appearance, gender, age, and race. Exhibiting artists include: Faith Baum and Lori Petcher, Robin Jopp, Karen Kalkstein, kHyal™, Iyaba Ibo Mandingo, Sooo-z Mastropietro, Tori Marsh, Lee Walther, and Jahmane West. Under the direction of Gaye Hyre of ArtBra New Haven local participants shared their time and creativity to make artful bra constructions on view, to support breast cancer patients. Help us hold an ArtBra Party, to raise funds for patients’ medical costs. Contact us at: clgallerybpt@gmail.com, 203.334.7748.

Read more about BOOBs art exhibit.  Exhibit runs October 26-December 2, 2017.


PATTERN, at City Lights Gallery 265 Golden Hill St.

VISUAL DESIGN: PATTERN Sept 9-Oct 13, 2017
The first in a series of exhibits exploring the principles and elements of design opens Thursday, September 7, 2017 from 5:30-8:30 pm at City Lights Gallery in Bridgeport. Executive Director Suzanne Kachmar is grateful to Jane Davila for contributing her curatorial skills to this collaboration which grew out of conversations regarding programs that explore the basic concepts of visual design.

Gallery hours are W-F, 11:30-5, Thursday until 7 pm and Sat 12-4 or by appointment. Call 203.334.7748. Visit www.citylightsgallery.org

City Lights Gallery presents local, regional, and emerging artists to Bridgeport and its visitors. It provides opportunities for artists of all levels, backgrounds and abilities to present and sell their art.

Artists selected to participate in this exhibit are showing both large and small works that highlight the many facets Pattern and Texture, rendered in a variety of media from fiber art to painting to weaving. Participating artists include Adger Cowans and Liz Squillace of Bridgeport, Gwen Hendrix of Oxford, Norma Schlager of Danbury, and Tim Reimer of Stratford,  Jahmane  West of Norwalk.
Read more about PATTERN

Join us at reception on Thursday September 7, 2017 and  
Celebrate with Liz Squillace the completion of her Stairway Project.

Liz Squillace in her studio.
Staircase Project
“Complimentary” Fabric Design by Gwen Hendrix in the exhibit PATTERN




Listen: City Lights Executive Director and Artistic Director of New England Ballet Company discuss the BPT PRIDE  REVIEW, Variety Show Benefit Performance

By Rashwan Lee of Rashawn Visions
Bridgeport PRIDE 2017 posters on sale at City Lights. $40. Photograph by Alison Margo.

July 20- August 26,2017: 7th ANNUAL SAMESEX EXHBIT AND PRIDE MARCH at 265 Golden Hill St. Downtown Bridgeport CT.

Victor Trevino of Ballet Eloelle of the al male ballet comedy will perform.

      Thank you to all who attended this FABULOUS Variety Show 
      benefitting City Lights and the New England  Ballet Company
       that featured members of the world renowned all male ballet  
        comedy Les Ballet Eloelle, a Liberace Tribute and more!
        $25 Cover included: Exhibit reception, variety show performance,
        complimentary wine and refreshments and DJ in a festival atmosphere.

           RESTAURANT (CASH BAR),1086 Broad St. Downtown Bridgeport 
Reserve your admission for  art reception  and variety show, includes lights fare, drink and D,J,



City Lights Ribbon Cutting  at the Downtown Arts Center, 
265 Golden Hill St. Bridgeport CT.

Our satellite space, City Lights Vintage at  855  Main Street, Bridgeport opened in May.

City Lights/Bridgeport Art Trail has found a new home. The gallery and office space are now located at 265 Golden Hill Street above the Downtown Cabaret Theatre. Our second location was transformed into City Lights Vintage: Nostalgic and Steampunk art, collectibles and antiques including Bridgeport memorabilia.
Commissions from sales support City Lights Outreach and the Bridgeport Art trail. 

Thank you to CT POST for covering the move! Read more…


Executive Director Suzanne Kachmar talks about the recent move and events



855  Main Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604

“City Lights 13” Celebration and Fundraiser Friday, May 19, 2017 from 5:30-9:30 pm”

Abstract July by Michele Beaulieu

Tour City Lights/Bridgeport Art Trail new home at the at the Downtown Arts Center at 265 Golden Hill St. Bridgeport , CT 06604.

View “City Lights 13”, a retrospective of 13 years of exhibits and initiatives and collaborations. Enjoy a Prosecco reception while mingling with artists and fellow City Lights patrons, volunteers, and board members.

The party continues downstairs with our building neighbors at the Downtown Cabaret Theatre, presenting “Into the Heights” produced by the same creative talent, that produced Lin Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton.”

Ticket prices begin at $75. Proceeds will support City Lights free community-based arts programs.

 Announcing New Board President, Kelly O’Donnell  (click for more details)


In Honor of Black History Month
How We See You exhibit | citylightsgallery.org |


How We See You

The perception of black women through the art of black men.
Featuring the art of Olivier Kpognon, photographer, and Iyabo Ibo Mandingo, painter, sculptor, performance artist.
January 20th to March 3, 2017.

Artists’ Talk and Reception
Friday, February 10, 2017 at City Lights Gallery, 5:30 till 9 p.m. 


Fashion Show… ‘N Tell

Designers discuss their work 
Featuring: Iyabarts & Kultjah Designs
Saturday February 25, 2017 7:00- 9:30 pm


Afrika 360 

Performance & Discussion 
Created and performed by Iyaba Ibo Mandingo 
Friday March 3, 2017 6:30 – 9:00 pm


New Workshops at City Lights

Special Events At HSW

Harral  Securities Wheeler
1103 Main St. Bridgeport, CT


 ARTFUL Gifts 2016

OUR ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY/RECEPTION, Thursday, 12/8/2016, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. We shared some cheer, ‘Vin Brulee” while viewing ‘Giftable’ Art: jewelry, pottery, weaving, small works: photographs, prints, bags and wearable art, ornaments, etc.

Participating artists and artisans included: Made In Bridgeport’s Robin Jopp. Anne Mulligan, Nancy Gould, Diane Berlanda, Allan Dudek, Abelardo Pulido, Sharon Mihalyak, Lee Walther, Margaret Krauss, Lesley Koenig, Julie Frankel

Some of these works are still available in the Gallery!

Just a sample!
Just a sample!


City Lights Hosts

The ArtFul Life:The Fiber of Her Being

October 12- November 30, 2016 OPENING RECEPTION:

The City Lights family and the family of Karen Belsky Loprete celebrated the ArtFul Life on Thursday October 13, 2016 at City Lights. George Kachmardelighted us with Jazz standards during the reception, where we toasted to “The Fiber of Her Being.”

THE EXHIBITS: The walls of City Lights are bursting with color, pattern, whimsy, joyful exuberance a bit of controlled chaos- counter balanced by deep thought. These works are a testament to the nature of the artist and her approach to living. We invite you to stand in the existential presence of Karen Loprete. Be surrounded by her fabric artworks and soak in her vision and vitality and pass the positivity forward.

Regretfully, the artist will not be present at the reception. She passed suddenly in August,  leaving a void in the hearts of many. We will celebrate her life, her creativity, and her kind and happy spirit.

City Lights thanks Karen’s devoted husband John Loprete and family, and close friend Kristina Blais for their generosity of time and act of love to  assist with the production of this exhibit and celebrate an artful life, although too short, well lived. 


by Sue Czark

6th Annual SAMESEX Art Exhibit Reception and Pride March  Thursday July 21, at City Lights Gallery 855 Main St. Downtown Bridgeport, CT Sponsored by “Triangle Community Center and David Ivanko & John Brannelly”  City Lights hosted the 6th annual Same Sex exhibit reception and Pride March on Thursday July 21, 2016 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Admission was free and open to the public. View this year’s provocative art exhibit. The pride march stepped off at 7:30 pm from the gallery led by Lady Blaze, rainbow clad stilt walker. 

At the adjacent McLevy Green the swinging sounds, Salsa and Bolero of the Latin music group  Vinny and Ray w/ Orquesta Afinke, opened the Downtown Thursday live music series. 

This annual SameSex exhibit explores LGBTQ themes,  feelings and issues of 2016. Artists need not be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender to participate. The prospectus  was designed to be open  to interpretation, encouraging  artists to respond the current events and zeitgeist of the year. This year we decided to extend the submission deadline a few weeks to support those who would like to express their solidarity, condolence, pride, outrage in response to the most recent tragedy in Orlando Fla.

SAMESEX2016 (More Info Here)

Vintage 2016

Vintage Show 2016
Vintage Show 2016

Thanks to all who stopped by for our Vintage Show 2016!

Jazz Standards were performed live by: Walter Duda on keyboard, George Kachmar on guitar and vocals, Kenny Owens on percussion.

VINTAGE opened at City Lights on May 26, 2016 in time to welcome in the late spring antiquing and art fair season. Featured art included creations and select pieces, clothing and accessories from the Made In Bridgeport collection, collectible and restored Mid-century Modern furniture from Orbitz studio, vintage postcard art by Steve Gerber, steam punk lamps by Dave Rosenberg, still-lifes by Maralyn Adlin, photography by Jay Misencik, furniture assemblage by Vince Filardi, fabric art by Karen Loprete, vintage radios collected by George Dragone.

Made In Bridgeport

For more photos of what was shown, click through to our Vintage page! 

Support City Lights, Celebrate our 12th Year

12 years!
12 years!

City Lights celebrates its 12th year as an art gallery space located in downtown Bridgeport. Establishing our nonprofit organization as a downtown institution that serves the greater community through art and promotes the growing arts community.

We’re planning to move to 1103 Main Street in Bridgeport, and look forward to adding some new life to the block between Fairfield Avenue and Elm Street.  We thank our current neighbors and patrons for attending our housewarming-fundraiser at our temporary location at 855 Main Street (across from People’s Bank) on Tuesday, April 19th from 5-7:30 pm.

Please Support City Lights. Check out our outreach programs. Click HERE to make a contribution. THANK YOU.


The Hartford Courant covers DAVILA & DAVILA:

Read the article here.

Free and Open to the Public

Enjoy the counterpoint of subject matter and materials in the 2 person exhibit by husband and wife artists Jane and Carlos Davila.

Carlos Davila distills elements of ancient forms and motifs into technically precise colorful shapes and compositions punctuated with black.  His clean yet complex constructions take us on a visual exploration of form, and a quiet journey through time and space.  He is an award winning artist with works in numerous permanent corporate collections and in the Yale University Art Collection.

Jane Davila incorporates printmaking and quilting in her fiber and mixed media art.  A focus on fish, birds and insects as subject matter reflects her fascination and respect for nature.  Her prints can be found in many private and corporate collections around the world, including the Lila Acheson Wallace Collection.



February 25 – March 26, 2016

Lace by Adger Cowans
Lace by Adger Cowans


Manifestations of the Beauty, Inspiration and Constant Strength of Black Women. Opening Reception February 25th, 5:30 till 8:30 p.m.

855 Main Street, Bridgeport

Free and open to the public.

The saying reminds us that “Women’s work is never done”.  The work to love, fight for social justice, actualize spiritual building and leadership, to nurture our families and create joy is never done. This exhibit featured the work of Bridgeport artists manifesting the ‘work’, spirit and unending potential of Black women through painting and photography by Adger Cowans, Alicia Cobb, Janelle Gordon, Jefferine Jean-Jacques, Iyaba Ibo Mandingo, Olivier Kpognon, Shanna Melton. Also featured is the fabric art by Bridgeport’s Gees Bend quilters.




ArtFul Gifts

12/9 through 1/20/16

Thank you for joining us at our Annual Holiday Party on Thursday, 12/10/15!

Shop and Gnosh Thursday, 12/17/15

Collaboration with Made in Bridgeport – come and see all of the gifts, jewelry, art and vintage apparel available!

Handmade Jewelry Workshop on Saturday 12/12 from 1-4 pm.



Thank you for your support of the Annual Bridgeport Art Trail

November 12-15, 2015

For complete information please click on this link:




Picturing Family: Vision of West Africa

Opening Event:   Friday, November 13, 6:30pm – 9:30pm



Stunning photography by West African teen girls who work as event and portrait photographers in their village in The Gambia was displayed.  The income earned enables them to afford to stay in school and expand their options in life. The theme was “Family: However you Define It,” and presented personal, touching images only possible through the unique vision of the girls. Their success is a testament to what people can achieve when given the chance.
We hosted the free opening celebration where Gambian experts described the culture, enjoyed a drum performance from West African drummer Waly Thaim, and sampled traditional Gambian cuisine. Connecticut photographer Shelley Cryan was on hand to describe how she launched the program to train the girls with the skills needed to run their businesses, and how the program has impacted the community. The photo program is part of an overall after-school enrichment program run by Starfish International (http://tinyurl.com/starfishprogram). The event was sponsored by local nonprofit Humanity Now (http://www.humanitynow.com/)
City Lights Gallery (citylightsgallery.org) is a community-based non-profit that presents artwork to the greater Fairfield County area.
Contact: Shelley Cryan: shelley@shelleycryan.com

Gambia 1
Gambia 2



City Lights Gallery thanks Yolanda Vasquez Petrocelli for sharing her vision and passion for the arts with the greater City Lights community.


From the guest curator:
Latinissima is term that I created. It refers to people from Latin America, Spanish speaking, and bringing contemporary artists from various Latin countries to Bridgeport.
 The exhibition includes artists from Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. It includes artists I’ve known,  and whose works I admire. The show is very diverse within the Latin and Caribbean community.




Annual Fundraising Event at Captain’s Cove

fundraiser pic
Weaving workshop at City Lights for Bridgeport students during fabric art exhibit called COMMON THREADS, featuring Gees Bend quilts.




Thank you for your support at this Event!

You can continue to help us with our 11+ year mission to serve the Community through Art and ensure that our outreach programs for area Youth and Adults will continue.  We accept donations and new members throughout the year.

City Lights programs include: The Bridgeport Arts Trail each November, Painting and Weaving Workshops with Alpha Community Services, Integrating Art & Natural Science with local Elementary, Jr. High, and High School students, Chess workshops for youth, Bridgeport Mental Health Art Therapy Workshops …as well as providing opportunities for area artists of all levels, backgrounds, and abilities to present, sell, and experience Art.


Annual Members’ Show 2015

Opened Thursday, August 27th at 5:30 p.m.  and ran till September 23, 2015.

Plegaria by Yolanda Vasquez Petrocelli
Plegaria by Yolanda Vasquez Petrocelli

New page:  City Lights in the News 



Past Exhibits


Spare Parts
Spare Parts – Lenticular by Miggs Burroughs


A Lifetime Making Comics

Beetle Bailey by Mort, Brian and Greg Walker
Beetle Bailey by Mort, Brian and Greg Walker


Forever YOUNG

by Karen Kalkstein
by Karen Kalkstein

Forever YOUNG… in 2015; Exhibit at City Lights, April 9th – May 14th

Forever YOUNG in 2015: Opening Reception was Thursday April 9, 5:30-8:30. We enjoyed live Dylan piano medley by Mark Naftalin, recent Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee. READ ARTICLE IN CT POST http://www.ctpost.com/news/article/Forever-Young-celebrates-aging-at-City-Lights-6171533.php LISTEN: MORE ABOUT EXHIBIT ON WPKN http://archives.wpkn.org/bookmarks/listen/96339.



 Outreach Programs:


City Lights partners with Uarts, a network of arts organizations in CT that provides accessibility to the arts.

Please view more information linked here on our Community Outreach page.



More Past Exhibits:


1/29/15 – 3/19/2015

"Zenobia" by Jahmane West, Hand painted silkscreen on archival paper, created from an original collage from his GRAFFIKOLLAGE series
“Zenobia” by Jahmane West, Hand painted silkscreen on archival paper, created from an original collage from his GRAFFIKOLLAGE series


ArtFul Gifts 2014

December 5, 2014 – January 8, 2015

Special items for those special people
Special items for those special people



For More Information, click here.

Artists’ Reception was held on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014, with Special Guest, Mark Naftalin, a Blues Pianist, who provided a soulful keyboard background for noshing and schmoozing, followed by a mini-concert of blues and original compositions where he was joined by percussionist Barry Urich.

Girl with a Star


Beware of the Year 7000

Exhibit opened September 25th at City Lights Gallery.


unnamed 1


Make ART Not War, Artists Against Violence

City Lights hosted its second “Make ART Not WAR, Artists Against Violence”, opening  Thursday August 14, with an artists’ reception 5:30-8:30 p.m. at 37 Markle Court, Downtown Bridgeport, CT 06604. This group exhibit ran until September 21. Other public events included an artists’ talk on Thursday September 11 at 6:30 and a poetry reading on Sunday September 21 at 4 p.m., recognizing the International Day of Peace.  

"The Hills are Alive" - Gerald Saladyga
“The Hills are Alive” – Gerald Saladyga


Shown at McLevy Hall:


This exhibit was sponsored by the National Endowment of the Arts, the city of Bridgeport, and the state of Connecticut. Special thanks to community partners Create Here Now.






Common Threads, Featuring Gee’s Bend Quilts


ART/BPT/2014: Barnum Redux



Support local artists, Buy local.



We are happy with the way we have found our place in the community and with what we have accomplished, through classes, exhibits, public art events, artists’  sales and commissions, and our outreach programs in the schools and with social services agencies.

Highlights include: the restoration of the figure sculpture in the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Seaside Park, our arts integration program with Roosevelt School, a participant in the TURNAROUND ARTS program through the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanity, and the recent notification that we were awarded out first grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

This is a great time of year for those willing and interested to support City Lights with a tax deductible donation, to “City Lights & Company”!


Gallery Events


Cars and Cannoli 2013 (click here to see some information about this event)

We continue working on the Bridgeport Art Trail – an annual event during Veteran’s Day Weekend, featuring working art studios and galleries.  This year’s 2014 Art Trail included even more venues and performances than the 2013 event. Thank you Bridgeport for an incredible Art Trail 2014! There were 30 city-wide arts venues and performances on Veteran’s Day Weekend, Nov. 2014. Working art studios and galleries worked together to be available to the public, free of charge.  

See our Marketplace!

Community Outreach

See More...

Horseshoe Crabs
Horseshoe Crab Extreme Make-Over:
Art and Science Integration Project
First Impressions Art Project at Roosevelt School
First Impressions Art Project at Roosevelt School

For Links to past shows, see Past Show Archives

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  Annual Exhibiting Artists’ Members Fee: $50 Artists members are entitled a minimum of 1 annual exhibit and receive a 70% commission rate. To become an exhibiting member go to www.citylightsgallery.org HOW TO SUBMIT WORK: SEND SUBMISSIONS  IN JPEG FORMAT, 72 DPI, (no more than 8 images) clgallerybpt@gmail.com    please use “ART for submission” in subject title Gallery Hours are W-F, 11:30-5, Sat. 12-4 p.m. NECESSARY INFO TO INCLUDE WITH SUBMISSION: Brief artists statement and itemized list of work submitted: title, size, medium, price of work submitted. Also include artist’s contact info: name, email, phone (evening and daytime numbers), mailing address and website if available.

  Best Gallery City Lights was  voted “Best Gallery in Fairfield County” by the 2014 Fairfield Weekly’s Readers’ Poll! This is the seventh time we were voted best! Thank you everyone!

  CITY LIGHTS PROGRAMS: bringing cultural arts enrichment to the community. View highlights from the visit of Nigerian artist Tunde Odunlade to City Lights and the community and find out why we want to celebrate! Partnering with Roosevelt School, grant recipient from the President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities Read more…


Converging Paths “Converging Paths” featured the work of men from Algeria, Nigeria, New York and New Haven. Read more.


WPKN City Lights interview
Listen to Suzanne Kachmar discuss “Converging Paths” on WPKN’s “State of the Arts.”

  THANK YOU TO OUR PATRONS, MEMBERS, VOLUNTEERS AND EXHIBITING ARTISTS. The City Lights calendar of ongoing events is sponsored in part by the Fairfield County Community Foundation, People’s United Bank, the Connecticut Office of the Arts and UIL Holdings Corporation (UI, Southern Connecticut Gas Co., CNG, Berkshire Gas) SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS OF THE CITY LIGHTS ART ENRICHMENT PROGRAM: Elizabeth Pfriem, Pitney Bowes, Ben Ortiz and Victor Torchia, ING.


Bringing Art to Roosevelt School

Suzanne Kachmar, our program director, is in Bridgeport’s Roosevelt School once a week where City Lights’ dedicated gallery/studio space brings art and creativity to area students. Our intention is to engage students during school and after school. It takes several days to create and mount a new exhibit. The learning panels are designed so all  teachers, especially the art teacher across the hall from the gallery space, can use or visit the gallery space any time. The content presented is designed to promote art appreciation, transferable skills and increase vocabulary. We also will schedule classroom visits with visiting artists who are exhibiting in the Roosevelt school gallery space.  As we receive more funding, we can even spend more time at Roosevelt School.   THANK YOU TO OUR PATRONS, MEMBERS, VOLUNTEERS AND EXHIBITING ARTISTS. The City Lights calendar of ongoing events is sponsored in part by the Fairfield County Community Foundation, People’s United Bank,the Connecticut Office of the Arts and UIL Holdings Corporation (United Illuminating, Southern Connecticut Gas Co., CNG, Berkshire Gas), The Mayor’s Arts and Heritage Grants Award, The Bridgeport Arts and Cultural Council, The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County.